Flourish: 12-Week Medical Intuitive Journey

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Flourish: 12-Week Medical Intuitive Journey


The highest vibrational support

for Whole Health on all levels of your BEing:

Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and Soul


Dearest Healer Tribe,

Imagine letting go of any symptoms you may have.

What would that be like for you?

Would you feel happier, lighter, more free?

Does it feel scary to let go of those symptoms or chronic ailments,

simply because you’re so used to them

being a part of your daily experience?

Or do you know it’s high time

you looked into the messages they hold for you, 

so you can finally allow them to process and release?


Flourish is for my peeps who want to wholly heal

from chronic ailments, imbalances or pain –

whether on the physical, mental, emotional

or energetic planes (or all of the above,

PLUS the level of Soul!) – and who KNOW

that energy work works…and that there is more

to healing symptoms and dis-ease 

than meets the western-medical-eye.


In Flourish I provide the highest vibrational support

for your Whole Health on all levels:

Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy and Soul


Through allowing myself to become

fully grounded and embodied

in my Medical Intuitive gifts,

I feel as if I have completely

turned my insides out –

in a very positive way!


I’ve always peppered these healing gifts

throughout all of my offerings –

but in focusing entirely on being

the best Medical Intuitive that I can

for your Whole Health enjoyment & purposes,

I feel my Soul has come home –

fully shining out as the best Healer

I can be for you..


And I am honored to offer this path

to you, as we walk it together –

the most wild, magical, healing ride

I have ever shared with my peeps yet

in this lifetime!


This 12-Week One-on-One

Medical Intuitive Journey includes:

~ 5 Live One-on-One Sessions

(The final session takes place

4-6 weeks after our 12-week journey is complete)

~ 6 personalized Distance Healing Sessions
~ 6 personalized Channeled Sound Healings
~ PLUS: Unlimited email support
during our 12 weeks together!

{You will receive recordings

of all of the video calls, distance sessions

and sound healings –

yours to keep forever!}


There are currently 2 spots open for Flourish!

For your convenience,

you may choose the Full Pay,

3-Pay or 6-Pay option.

Payment plans are on a monthly basis.

Full Pay >> $2248

3-pay >> $829

6-pay >> $449



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